I am interested in supervising BSc, MSc and PhD students who want to do anthropological and/or sociological research on the everyday, material and technological dimensions of state-society relations, security and development more broadly.

I especially encourage students to contact me about projects that explore:

  • digital politics, governance and security (e.g. biometric voter registration, the datafication of humanitarian aid, surveillance)
  • the politics of off-grid infrastructures (e.g. solar PV systems, water tanks) and maintenance and repair work (e.g. as they relate to large-scale infrastructures such as roads and dams)
  • the everyday dimensions of international peace- and statebuilding (e.g. topics related to aesthetics, foodways, language politics)
  • communication for development/peace/conservation
  • East Asian development initiatives in the Global South

and/or with geographic interests in:

  • the Pacific Islands
  • coastal, marine and/or small island environments
  • New Zealand/Australia
  • Japan/South Korea/Taiwan

Current and past supervision:

PhD Theses

In progress:

Maria Cristina Gallegos, “From Social Practice to Social Change? Exploring Practices as a Combination of Images, Skills and Stuff to Problematize Participatory Approaches and Meanings Related to Environmental Conservation within Communication for Development and Social Change Interventions,” co-supervisor with Marleen Buizer (2020-)

Phuong Dung Le, “Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Human Security in the Mekong Delta,” co-supervisor with  Han van Dijk, Francisco Alpizar, Grazia Pacillo (2021-)

David Leeming, “The Role of Discourse, Knowledge and Values in Digitalisation in Solomon Islands,” co-supervisor with Susan Aasman, Geoffrey Hobbis (2021-)

MSc Theses:

In progress (post-fieldwork only):

Simone van Dam, MSc International Development (Sociology), “Intra-active Movements of Becoming in Contact Improvisation,” co-supervisor with Joost Jongerden

Joyce van der Lans, MSc International Development (Politics and Governance), “Wheels of Change: Organized Women’s Cycling Groups and Women’s Empowerment,” co-supervisor with Margreet van der Burg


Joëlle Glerum, 2021, MSc International Development (Sociology), “Heritage on Statia: The relevance of the remnants of slavery for the tourism strategy.”

Matika Kormeling, 2021, MSc International Development (Sociology), “Understanding the attraction towards Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Netherlands – a gendered analysis.”

Jackline Owili, 2021, MSc International Development (Sociology), “Analysis of the Social Determinants of Inequity in Healthy Eating in Ethiopia: Key Stakeholders’ Perspectives”

Anouk Roeling, 2021, MSc International Development (Disaster Studies), “Waiting for disaster: How residents and professionals in The Hague experience waiting through the imagination of a disastrous future,” co-supervised with Robert Coates.

Annemarie van der Meer, 2021, MSc International Development (Sociology), “Still waters run deep: Female silence as strength: A gendered analysis of resettlement experiences following infrastructural development in Uganda.”

Simcha Verweij, 2021, MSc Development and Rural Innovation, “A Discourse Analysis of Brushtail Possums in New Zealand Society,” co-supervised with Marleen Buizer

Dirk Naaijkens, 2019, MSc International Development (Sociology), “‘You have to think about your future life!’ Nepalese youth and sexuality in relation to the Journey4Life – a peer education project by Dance4Life on sexuality in Sunsari District, Nepal”

BA Theses that I have supervised include topics such as:

  • biometric surveillance in Israel/Palestine
  • menstrual taboos in Nepal
  • media framing of refugees in Europe