I am willing to supervise BSc, MSc and PhD students who want to do anthropological and/or sociological research on the everyday, material and technological dimensions of state-society relations, foreign state- and peacebuilding and development more broadly.

I especially encourage students to contact me about projects that explore:

  • digital politics and governance (e.g. biometric voter registration, welfare apps, the datafication of humanitarian aid, conservation)
  • the everyday politics of off-grid infrastructures (e.g. solar PV systems, water tanks) and maintenance and repair work (e.g. as they relate to large-scale infrastructures such as roads and dams)
  • communication for development projects (e.g. related to climate change, health, gender inequalities)
  • gendered mobilities (e.g. the feminization of international migration)
  • East Asian development initiatives in the Global South

and/or with geographic interests in:

  • the Pacific Islands
  • coastal, marine and/or small island environments more broadly
  • New Zealand/Australia
  • Japan/South Korea/Taiwan

Thesis vacancies:

I am currently recruiting MSc thesis students interested in working on one of two projects on blockchains, non-state currencies and disaster. You can find more information here:

Current and past supervision:

PhD Theses

Maria Cristina Gallegos, “From Social Practice to Social Change? Exploring Practices as a Combination of Images, Skills and Stuff to Problematize Participatory Approaches and Meanings Related to Environmental Conservation within Communication for Development and Social Change Interventions,” co-supervisor with Marleen Buizer, Laurens Klerkx

MSc Theses:

In progress (post-fieldwork only):

Matika Kormeling, MSc International Development (Sociology), “Alternative Medicine, Society and Women in the Netherlands – Beyond Taboos and Healing”

Joyce van der Lans, MSc International Development (Politics and Governance), “Wheels of Change: Organized Women’s Cycling Groups and Women’s Empowerment,” co-supervisor with Margreet van der Burg

Simcha Verweij, MSc Development and Rural Innovation, “A Discourse Analysis of Brushtail Possums in New Zealand Society,” co-supervisor with Marleen Buizer


Annemarie van der Meer, 2021, MSc International Development (Sociology), “Still waters run deep: Female silence as strength: A gendered analysis of resettlement experiences following infrastructural development in Uganda”

Dirk Naaijkens, 2019, MSc International Development (Sociology), “‘You have to think about your future life!’ Nepalese Youth and Sexuality in Relation to the Journey4Life – a Peer Education Project by Dance4Life on Sexuality in Sunsari District, Nepal”

BA Theses that I have supervised include topics such as:

  • menstrual taboos in Nepal
  • biometric surveillance in Israel/Palestine